Flask and SQLAlchemy: Connecting To MySQL (Python / Notes)

For my assets web app, written in Flask (Python) I have separated the app and the database into separate instances. This allows me to update the app and its dependencies without impacting the database and its dependencies, or vice-versa. The database could be one of many as I’m using SQLAlchemy to handle the connectivity between … Continue reading Flask and SQLAlchemy: Connecting To MySQL (Python / Notes)

SQL vs NoSQL (Notes)

A quick overview of the differences between SQL and NoSQL. SQL Structured Query Language (SQL) is used for relational databases, which are table based. For example, an column in table A (e.g. User_ID) may have a relation with a column in table B (e.g. Order_Ref) and table B may have a relation to a column … Continue reading SQL vs NoSQL (Notes)

Installing MediaWiki with Ansible (Linux)

Ansible Playbook, a YAML file

MediaWiki was developed originally for Wikipedia and has grown to support lots of sites. With this in mind you may consider installing MediaWiki and running a local wiki, especially as MediaWiki provides instructions on specific operating system installs. In an effort to speed up installs I’ve created an Ansible playbook to carry out the MediaWiki … Continue reading Installing MediaWiki with Ansible (Linux)