Brute Force Caesar Cipher V2 (Python)

Python Brute Force Caesar

Around a month ago I used Python to brute force the Caesar Cipher (I blogged about it here: My original solution outputted a solution for each possible cipher shift, which worked ok for small text samples but for larger texts started to take up a large portion of the terminal and my time scrolling. … Continue reading Brute Force Caesar Cipher V2 (Python)

Jenkins – Connecting To GitHub and some Python

Welcome to Jenkins!

Jenkins is a tool to help with Continuous Integration /  Continuous Delivery (CI / CD). I originally looked at installing Jenkins as a Java web app on my Raspberry Pi during this post: . I am now hoping to expand a little bit more on using Jenkins by building a freestyle project that connects to … Continue reading Jenkins – Connecting To GitHub and some Python

PDF Merge Website (Python)

PDF Merge site up and running

Merging multiple PDFs seems to be a common request, and most people don’t want to spend a small fortune on a tool to do the merging. I first looked at this problem with an early Python project ( and later improved on that project by adding a simple GUI ( Now I have gone a … Continue reading PDF Merge Website (Python)