Installing Ansible (Raspberry Pi)

Raspberry Pi Installing Ansible

My professional day-to-day role sees me administrating Windows OS based systems using Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Active Directory/Group Policy. Knowing what tools are available to manage so many Windows systems at once I’m looking for something similar to manage several Raspberry Pi (Linux) systems at once. Previously I have looked at network … Continue reading Installing Ansible (Raspberry Pi)

Security: OWASP Top Ten (Notes)

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) provides a top ten security risks in web applications at . The ranking of risks can help developers (and organisations) make their applications more secure. The 2021 OWASP Top Ten Broken Access Control Cryptographic Failures Injection Insecure Design Security Misconfiguration Vulnerable and Outdated Components Identification and Authentication … Continue reading Security: OWASP Top Ten (Notes)

Terraform and Azure (Infrastructure as Code) – Part 2

Changing Azure Subscriptions In part 1 I discussed logging into Azure using Azure CLI and noting the default subscription, as that is where Terraform will deploy resources to. However, you may have multiple Azure subscriptions and want to deploy to one that is not the default. This can be accomplished using the Azure CLI: This … Continue reading Terraform and Azure (Infrastructure as Code) – Part 2

Grafana – Using An API Call To Add DataSources (Python)

I’ve written blog posts on how to install Grafana and data exporters using Ansible ( and a blog post on adding users to Grafana using an API call (, but after re-reading my blog posts I decided to automate the process (previously a manual step in the Ansible post) of adding data sources. I have … Continue reading Grafana – Using An API Call To Add DataSources (Python)

Using An API Call To Make Multiple Grafana Users (Python)

A little while ago I looked at using Grafana on a Raspberry Pi ( ), today I created a quick Python script to create new Grafana user accounts using the Grafana API. Why Use The API? Grafana does have a graphical web based interface for creating users, and if creating a single user account … Continue reading Using An API Call To Make Multiple Grafana Users (Python)