About Geek Tech Stuff

You may be asking “Who is the Geek Dude behind this site”? Well I’ve been a computer user since the mid ’90s and have been working in the IT industry since 2004. Over that time I’ve used various versions of Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS. I’ve moderated web forums and bulletin boards around comic book related stuff and even appeared in a Marvel comic book (in the background of a panel).

Cable & Deadpool Issue 19
Cable & Deadpool Issue 19 – copyright http://www.Marvel.com

I have dabbled with various computer/scripting languages including (but not limited to) HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Bash and PowerShell. My aims with this website is to share my adventures in computing / technology and every so often I may post about other stuff (comics, wrestling, sci-fi).

I’m on Twitter @geektechstuff and my GitHub is https://github.com/geektechdude?tab=repositories

Our 2nd author is GeekTechV2, a young person that wants to share their opinion/views on all things geek or tech. GeekTechv2 is also into Scratch and will be sharing their Scratch knowledge.