BBC micro:bit Discovery Kit

GeekTechV2 has started to learn about electronics and circuits. To assist with this we have got the BBC micro:bit ( out and purchased a Discovery Kit ( With the two products GeekTechV2 can build circuits and program the micro:bit so that he can interact with them. GeekTechV2 is using a micro:bit version 1 as we … Continue reading BBC micro:bit Discovery Kit

Credit Card Number Checker (JavaScript)

Credit card details are frequently used online and you may be wondering how a website checks if a card number is legitimate or not. During my CodeAcademy “Back-End Engineer” I have tackled the Credit Card Checker project which involves using the Luhn algorithm to check credit card numbers. Quoting Wikipedia ( “Each of the numbers … Continue reading Credit Card Number Checker (JavaScript)

Hacktoberfest 2020

It's October 2020 and time for the 7th Hacktoberfest. Between the 1st October and 31st October Hacktoberfest encourages anyone from developers, to students to those that just want to give Git a shot, to complete some Git pull requests and help out with public repositories on GitHub. I've not taken part in previous years but … Continue reading Hacktoberfest 2020