Code Club – Lesson 2

It is amazing how fast a week flows by when you have something fun to look forward to. After spending the week applying for Code Club end of year packs, reading up on/applying for Picademy and reading/preparing for lesson 2, it was soon time our Code Club’s 2nd lesson.

My fears from the initial set-up/week one washed away in that first lesson, this week I was ready to dive in and help young people learn some Scratch. Having learned from the 1st lesson we had the Chrome books out and ready for as soon as the young people entered the classroom; and straight away we got to work. Scratch (the Scratch mascot, a cat) was deleted and replaced with a singer, drums and a microphone – all of which made sounds/altered their appearance when clicked.

An amazing part of the Code Club for me is watching how the young people interact with Scratch. Once they complete sections of the project some instinctively navigate the menus (changing sprite or sound selections), others play with the building blocks (making the singer beat box instead of sing) and others help their classmates. It’s learning with a fun edge; they might not yet be learning the technical names/terms but the kids are using variables, algorithms and inputs/outputs whilst having fun doing it!

On a side note – with temperatures reaching around 26c today in North West England, I thought the temperature would like to distractions/irritations; I was wrong. Even with hot sunshine the kids were still very eager to learn.

Here’s to lesson 3 🙂