def September()

Wow, what a week.

I completed the Object Oriented Program (Python) course via FutureLearn; available here: . It should be done over 4 weeks but I really got into creating the text based adventure game and figuring out how to generate enemies/items in rooms.

This weekend I attended my first Raspberry Pi Jam with my son. We got to see what other people are doing with their Raspberry Pi computers and it gave us some time in a encouraging environment to work on exploring Python together. We used Python to interact with Minecraft and then modified the programming behind the provided Pygames to make them “easier” or so that different sprite images were used. I was so inspired that I returned home to connect an LCD screen (connected via breadboard/the Pi’s GPIO pins) to my Pi and get it to display some messages and the date/time.

Also this week I got some great news. My volunteering experience is about to grow; I have been given the opportunity to lead (imo) one of the greatest non-school Code Clubs in England.

Finally, October sees the return of Manchester’s Science Festival which includes Robots at the Museum of Science and Industry. More details available at: