HTML / CSS Code Club Module 1

From the beginning of 2018 the Code Club I run has been going through the Web-Dev projects of Code Club projects with the attendees learning about HTML and CSS. Today they completed Module 1 and I’m proud of them.

When I first did any web development it was at GCSE level (IT) and the teacher taught how to use Microsoft Word ’97 and save the document (.doc) file as a web page (.html) file. Yeah, it contained text and hyperlinks but it was a bad way to learn web development.

A few years later I learned actual HTML coding (alongside some Javascript) as I completed a university course and more recently I delved into HTML, CSS and Javascript via another university course and some lessons on Free Code Camp. Although it seemed confusing at first it was so much better to see and learn how the coding behind sites actually works.

The attendees learned about the layout of HTML, how CSS works, linking to CSS files (both their own and those belonging to other sites), HTML and CSS tags, altering fonts, inserting pictures, creating lists, borders and (my son’s favourite) the dif tag!

I wish web development had been this fun back when I was doing it at GCSE.

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