Bingo V1 (Python)

In the United Kingdom (UK) there is a game called Bingo which involves a caller randomly choosing a number between 1 and 90, calling out the number and then placing it so that it cannot be called again. Players have cards in front of them with 15 randomly chosen numbers (between 1 and 90) on them. If a player has the called out number they mark it of on their game card, until a line of number, 2 lines of numbers or a full house (all 15 numbers) occurs.

More information on Bingo can be found at

My Bingo V1 Python program is going to generate numbers in a range of 1 to 90 and not display any duplicate numbers:



#libraries to import

#randint generates a random integer
from random import randint
#time is here so that sleep can be used to cause a wait between draws
import time


#Bingo in the UK uses the numbers 1 to 90
for draw in range(90):
#as numbers are generated they are added to a list to stop duplication
#generates a random integer between 1 and 90
#if the number is already in the list it is discarded
if not bingo_draw in drawn_numbers:
#append to add the number to the list
#wait inbetween each draw


For the V2 of the program I want to:

  • Add in escape keys for winning conditions (i.e. caller presses H for full house, L for line, 2 for 2 Lines etc…
  • Generate the numbers into a window rather than print them into the Python console.