Colourful Creations (Python / Code Club)

Growing up my high school had some Nimbus computers – personally I preferred the Apple Macs but every so often I used a Nimbus. On those occasions I would get the opportunity to use Turtle to create some very basic shapes, and to be honest I never found it that interesting. Nearly 20 years later and at todays Code Club we tackled the Python module around Colourful Creations .

Between the my high school days and today I have utilised Python’s Turtle library in a few ways that I would not have considered in high school and towards the end of todays club I found myself wanting to show the young people that Turtle can be used for more than just creating basic shapes / words on screen.

Then I remembered spirographs, which apparently are still available today. Spirographs would connect little cogs/discs to the bottom of pens allowing for various shapes to be drawn out of the circular discs…



I decided to use YouTube to look for some inspiration and found this video:

Examples of how great Turtle can be are so much easier in the age of streaming video sites, if only I had seen such examples in the mid ’90s….