Repeating Task In Microsoft Flow Using Do Until

Part of the reason I enjoy my job is that I get to use technology that is at times new to me. Today I got introduced to Microsoft Flow, part of the Microsoft Dynamics suite it is a toolkit for implementing automatic workflow solutions.

Flows can be created on Microsoft’s Flow website ( or via the Microsoft Flow mobile app (currently available on Android and iOS).

I was shown that Flow can be used to log a location to a Microsoft Sharepoint site or SQL database, seeing that it could be done I’ve started out with a Flow that uses my smartphones GPS and sends a notification of where I am.


The Flow dashboard allows easy control over which Flows are running, if they succeed or if they fail.

So, here is my first Flow (inspired by a work colleagues location check-in);

The Flow is manually trigged (a button press on my phone), and then using the Do until option it runs for either 60 counts (60 occurrences) or 10 minutes, which ever occurs first. Both options are changeable.

The Timeout setting is in ISO 8601 format, further information on which can be found at


I have then placed in a delay with a count of 2 minutes; this means that my flow waits 2 minutes before proceeding. So with the above Timeout of 10 minutes my flow will run 5 times before ending,


Every time the flow runs it sends a notification to my mobile of my address.