Updating Web Text Content (JavaScript)


My original Countdown blog post mentioned that the JavaScript could be used to update content on a webpage (e.g. the countdown could countdown in real time and update on a page as it does so). I touched upon a method to do this, however I will expand a little bit on it here:


// writes the message
var message=’There are ‘+days+’ days until the event!’;
The above method runs the script and posts the “message” where the script ran. It works okay for small scripts that only update one section of a page.
The below method looks through the HTML of the page for an element with the element ID of p1 and then updates p1’s content with the message.
// updates the element with the name p1
var update_P1=document.getElementById(‘p1’)
For this method to work the JavaScript .js file still needs to be linked, preferably in the HEAD section of the HTML file.

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