InkypHAT (Raspberry Pi)


I got home today to find that my Pimoroni order of an Inky pHAT had arrived. The Inky pHAT is a Raspberry Pi add-on that is an e-ink (electronic ink) screen. Using the Inky pHAT and the supplied Python library the Raspberry Pi can out put text and images to the e-ink screen.

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The screen is 2.13″ in size and the physical installation is just a small amount of pressure on the hat (careful not to put pressure on the screen) are it pushes onto the Raspberry Pis GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) pins.

With the screen installed and the Pi then powered on its time to install the relevant libraries and fonts. Thankfully Pimoroni provides a “Getting Started” guide at that includes all the needed instructions.

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After everything was installed (less than 10 minutes for physical and software installs) I had a quick go at using the provided script to output geektechstuff to the screen; after a second or two the screen updated and voila:


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