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Salford Digital Eagles

I can’t remember the last time I did a blog entry just about me and not a program/code that I’ve been working on. November 2018 has been quite a month, so I have decided to do one now.


I’ve spent most of it hitting up LinkedIn Learning to increase my knowledge in various subjects. Giving up a little time each evening, some lunch times and at weekend I’ve managed in just over month (well, 6 weeks) to complete:

Learning the Python 3 Standard Library
Advanced Python
Python: Programming Efficiently
Learning Python
Learning Python Generators
Python Essential Training

PowerShell: Web Access
Learning PowerShell 5

Windows / Azure
Learning Server Core for Windows Server 2012 R2
Microsoft Azure: Virtual Network Implementation
Microsoft Azure: Core Functionalities
Windows 10: Plan Desktop and Device Deployment
Microsoft Azure Stack First Look
Learning System Centre Configuration Manager
Configuration Manager: Maintain Inventory and Operating Systems

Linux: System Information and Directory Structure Tools
Linux: Multitasking at the Command Line

Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Teams Essential Training
Microsoft Graph for Developers
Learning Microsoft Flow 2017
Creating Bots with the Microsoft Bot Framework, Part 1

Learning Ansible
Raspberry Pi Essential Training
Docker Essential Training 1 Installation and Configuration

Digital Eagles

Regular readers will probably be aware that I became a Digital Eagle this year. As well as completing the Digital Wings training online and attending training sessions in person, I have also co-wrote the material for some of the Salford City Council Digital Eagle modules. Which made completing the Digital Eagle Programme 2018 and receiving the Salford Digital Eagle Silver wings a great moment.

Salford Digital Eagles
Salford Digital Eagles Silver Wings

Code Club

At the beginning of Summer 2018 I ended my volunteering at the awesome MadLab Code Club , however it was not long before the Code Club bug got me again and in October I again took up volunteering at a Code Club at a local primary school.  The club is now several lessons in, the young people are enjoying learning HTML/CSS, I’m enjoying teaching and the club has a great attendance record.


Multiple lines of code have been lost due to my regular assistant, and because my wife believes he should get some screen time:

The Coding Kitten
The Coding Kitten