PythonSkills.append(‘Developer’) – (Python)

For the last several weeks I’ve been undertaking various training certifications on LinkedIn Learning. Although I’ve used the LinkedIn Learning platform for different subject areas (the Microsoft SCCM course have helped for work purposes) my main drive has so far been the Python courses.

Regular readers of my site have probably picked up on how much I like Python, especially as it is currently the bulk of my sites posts and has its own category, and I want to continue learning and using the language as much as possible. Due to this I decided to undertake the “Become a Python Developer” learning path on LinkedIn Learning, which I have now completed earning me a “Become a Python Developer” complete badge and new knowledge/skills.

LinkedIn Learning is basically training videos (anywhere from a few minutes to 10/20 minutes in length), quizzes and downloadable learning files (e.g. Python files) around different learning courses. This material is collected (generally to fill an hour to a few hours worth of content) and becomes a course (with a certificate of completion at the end). A learning path is several courses that build on each other put together.

The “Become a Python Developer” learning path contains 10 courses, over 25 hours of content and multiple quizzes. It has taken me several weeks to complete (others may be able to complete it faster) and I feel that it has helped me to either expand my Python knowledge or reinforce the Python I already knew. The “Become a Python Developer” path courses are:

My personal favourites were Python GUI Development with Tkinter and Programming Foundations: Real-World Examples, both were authored by Barron Stone. I feel that this was because a) I want to develop more Python programmes that utilise a GUI and b) both courses felt down to Earth and fun.

I’m now looking forward to implementing the new skills I’ve picked up in future Python projects and to learning even more from the other courses that LinkedIn Learning has to offer.