Installing IntelliJ IDE On Raspberry Pi (Java / Raspberry Pi)

IntelliJ IDEA splash screen

With my adventures looking at Java I have also been using a different IDE (Integrated Development Environment) called IntelliJ on my Macbook. However I also want to look at using Java on my Raspberry Pi.

The Raspbian OS (Stretch) comes with a Java IDE called BlueJ, which is designed around Java and supporting beginners to Java. I want to look at using IntelliJ on the Pi as I like it on my Macbook and want to see if the same IDE experience could be available on my Pi.

Note: IntelliJ has a minimum recommended spec of 2GB RAM, the Raspberry Pi3 has 1GB RAM. I know this is not going to be the best of IDE experiences but was interested in how it would play out.

IntelliJ can be used on Windows, Mac OS and Linux  and can be downloaded from

IntelliJ IDEA download screen
IntelliJ IDEA download screen

I’m going to be using the Community edition of IntelliJ IDEA as its free and is what i use on my Macbook. For Raspbian I would recommend downloading the application in the default .tar.gz format. This is compressed folder archive which will need expanding (extracting the files) once downloading.

IntelliJ download expanded
IntelliJ tar extracted

With the download tar extracted its a case of navigating the /bin/ folder and running the bash script. script script

Once the script has run it will have installed IntelliJ and placed a shortcut into the “Programming” menu of Raspbian.

IntelliJ IDEA in Programming menu

So how does it run (again noting the note from the beginning of my blog post about minimum specification)? It is useable but it’s also slow.

Compile time on Pi

On the Pi the small HelloWorld sample takes nearly 31 seconds to compile and run, compared to nearly 3 seconds on my MacBook.

MacBook build time

With this is mind I think I will skip IntelliJ on the Pi (as expected).