Scratch Tutorial One

Today you will learn how to make a simple game in Scratch called “Super Cat”.

This project requires Scratch 3.

First create a new project before replacing sprite one with the flying cat sprite. Now you will need to place a building sprite and duplicate it to your hearts content, make sure the size is at 50 not the default 100. On the first one place this script in each buildings code window place a script that when green flag clicked changes the sprite forever making the cat look as if it is flying over a city make sure all buildings contain this code. Feel free to put a 0.5 second wait every costume change. Now make the cat go to the mouse pointer forever. Place a ball sprite and make a variable called HP for the ball set it to 100 make it so that when the cat hits the ball the HP is reduced by five. When HP is at 0 you will need to make a unique ending.