Instant Messaging App With Vigenère Encryption (Python)

Python Instant Messaging With Vigenere Cipher

Over the last few weeks I have been looking at ciphers and encryption, which has included a Python program to brute force the Caesar cipher, Python to encrypt / decrypt with the Vigenère cipher , some Morse code and RSA Public Keys. With my recent looks into encryption, especially the look into the Vigenere Cipher, … Continue reading Instant Messaging App With Vigenère Encryption (Python)

RSA Public-Key Cryptography (Python)

My Python program successfully encrypts ASCII A (65) to a different value (41) and back again.

I am currently undertaking the "Encryption & Cryptography" course on FutureLearn ( and looking at public-key cryptography, specifically today the RSA public-key method. RSA is named after Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman; RSA) and the details for the algorithm were first published in 1977. English mathematician, Clifford Cocks developed a similar system … Continue reading RSA Public-Key Cryptography (Python)

Vigenère Cipher

Vigenère Cipher Square

Named after French diplomat, Blaise de Vigenère, the Vigenère cipher built on the work / ideas of Giovan Battista Bellaso. Previously I have looked at the Caesar cipher and included a Python program that can brute force crack the cipher. The Caesar cipher can be easily broken either via frequency analysis of letters or via … Continue reading Vigenère Cipher

Nessus Essentials – Vulnerability Assessment: Installing Nessus

Nessus plugins intialising

Vulnerability assessment tools are used to identify risks/threats that may cause security issues in a system. Today I am going to look at a vulnerability assessment tool from Tenable called Nessus Essentials, which can (manually or automatically) scan networks for vulnerabilities and then output reports. Nessus Essentials Nessus ( offers a few different vulnerability assessment … Continue reading Nessus Essentials – Vulnerability Assessment: Installing Nessus

Using Ansible To Create And Manage Users (Linux / Raspberry Pi)

If you have multiple Linux devices (e.g. multiple Raspberry Pi computers) and multiple user accounts that need access to those devices (i.e. maybe a Code Club of pupils) and want their own user accounts on the devices it could be a lengthy process managing the accounts and devices. Which is where Ansible ( comes into … Continue reading Using Ansible To Create And Manage Users (Linux / Raspberry Pi)

Password Check (Python)

Python Password Check

After discovering this week that someone had created a password checker I decided I would give the same idea a shot. For this project I am using information from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) here in the UK. To read up on the information I recommend: ---- # geektechstuff # … Continue reading Password Check (Python)