Program Development Life Cycle (PDLC)

The Program Development Life Cycle (PDLC) consists of the following stages: Analyse the problemAnalyse and define the problem, check and understand that the problem is clearly defined. What are the inputs /outputs, process steps, logic, rules and requirements.Design the solution (program)Design the solution using tools such as flow charts and pseudo-code.Code the programUse appropriate tooling … Continue reading Program Development Life Cycle (PDLC)

What is Agile?

Agile makes me think of the agile attribute used in role playing or when discussing comic book characters (e.g. Spider-Man). Agile in Software Engineering, and business, terms is very similar in that it is a mindset that helps deliver small incremental changes quickly. Like Spider-Man using several small quick jumps / web swings to get … Continue reading What is Agile?

What Is A .intunewin File And How To Create One

A .intunewin file is used with Microsoft's Intune to deploy Windows applications to Microsoft Windows devices managed by Intune, as an alternative to using apps from the Microsoft Store (i.e., for applications not available in the store). Creating A .intunewin File Microsoft provide a tool called "IntuneWinAppUtil.exe" that is used to create .intunewin files. The … Continue reading What Is A .intunewin File And How To Create One

Security: Symmetric / Asymmetric Encryption (Notes)

Symmetric encryption uses the same key to encrypt and decrypt information. Symmetric encryption is generally faster than asymmetric encryption. However, it has the issue of finding a secure method of sharing the key (e.g., password) for the encryption so that it may be used. Symmetric encryption includes: Block ciphers such as AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), … Continue reading Security: Symmetric / Asymmetric Encryption (Notes)

Terminal Not Reading Input, C# and Visual Studio Code (C Sharp / C#)

I'm currently refreshing my knowledge skills of C# (C Sharp), starting with a work through of C# Programming (Mike McGrath) to help with my ASP.NET university project. On my desktop computer I'm using Visual Studio instead of Visual Studio Code (my preferred IDE for most languages), but on my ageing laptop Visual Studio takes an … Continue reading Terminal Not Reading Input, C# and Visual Studio Code (C Sharp / C#)