Remote Desktop (Raspberry Pi)

I normally SSH to my Raspberry Pi as I like using the terminal, however a recent task meant that I had to use a remote desktop connection to the Pi so that I could take screen grabs of the Pi desktop whilst on my Mac.

The first part of this was installing Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Apple App Store:


Then I used Terminal to SSH to my Raspberry Pi and ran;

  • apt-get update
  • apt-get upgrade
  • apt-get install xrdp

xrdp is the application on the Pi that will allow for an remote desktop connection to the startx desktop. The apt-get update/upgrade brings Raspbian up to date and make sure its pointing to the most up to date repositories.

With xrdp installed on the Raspberry Pi, its just a case of opening Microsoft Remote Desktop:

apple_remotedesktop2 Clicking the + and adding a desktop (hostname or IP of the Pi) and connecting with the username/password of an account on the Pi:


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