CodeUp Salford / Humble Bundle Linux

I had a bit of spare time this evening and so headed over to CodeUp Salford (Twitter: @codeupsalford) to listen to Drew Morgan talk about Python. As my regular readers know, I enjoy Python. Heck it is currently my go to language to bounce ideas around in, and it was great to be in an environment listening to someone talking about Python. Especially as it gave me chance to continue working on the drafting of my current ideas in a new physical environment – I’m still someone that likes to draw out very rough ideas and parts of rough code with pen & paper before typing it into my computer.

If you are after a great coding environment where help / guidance is available, or you want to meet up with like minded people have a quick Google and see if a CodeUp is available near you.

On the return home I found out that Humble Bundle have a Linux Geek bundle available – if you are after a load of Linux based books (in electronic format) then get on it:



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