Citrix Receiver Becomes Citrix Workspace app (October 2018)

Receiver icon to Workspace icon

In the past I have wrote articles on installing Citrix Receiver on Mac OS and on the Raspberry Pi , however anyone looking for Citrix Receiver may now be a little confused as Citrix Receiver has now become Citrix Workspace app.

Receiver icon to Workspace icon
Receiver icon to Workspace icon

The transition took place over Summer 2018 and according to Citrix it is the beginning of several of its products merging into one.

Does it work the same?

After upgrading Citrix Receiver on my Macbook to Citrix Workspace app I decided to give it a whirl, especially as Citrix say it is backwards compatible with Receiver.

With my companies Citrix webpage open in Safari I was greeted with the below, which generally occurs when Citrix Receiver (now Workspace) is not installed.

Detecting Citrix Receiver, or not.

Clicking “Detect again” still did not detect Receiver or Workspace, however simply clicking “Already installed” allowed me to continue to the usual page of Citrix desktops available to me.

Citrix Workspace ICA download

Clicking on a desktop kicked off a .ica (Citrix connection file) download, which when opened connected as usual.

Version Numbers

Citrix are going to use the version number of MMYY, so the August 2018 release of the Workspace app will be version 0818.

Legacy Versions of Citrix Receiver

If you require a version of Citrix Receiver, known as legacy versions due to being replaced by newer versions (i.e. Workspace) then the following links will help you:

Windows Operating System:

Mac Operating System:

Linux Operating System:

Android Operating System:

More Links

Citrix wrote an official blog about Receiver / Workspace at:


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