Programming 102 Week 2 Tasks (Python)

Using Python to edit strings in lists

This blog post continues on from my previous Programming 102 tasks/challenges.

2.5 Strings As Lists

Task: “On scoreboards, sports teams are sometimes referred to using a contraction of their name, often the first three letters. Can you write some code in order to create a new list, teams_short, containing three-letter contractions of each of the teams in the list, in the same order as they appear in teams?“.

My Solution:

teams_short = []
for team in teams:
team_name = team[:3]
Using Python to edit strings in lists

2.8 Implement Count Function

Task: “Can you add a generic count function to this program so that it prints out the number of learners that scored top marks?“.

import random
def top_scorers(score_to_count,list_to_use):
score_number = 0
for score in list_to_use:
if score == score_to_count:
score_number +=1
return (print(“{0} learners got top marks”.format(score_number)))
scores = []
for x in range (0, 30):
scores.append(random.randint(0, 10))
top_scorers(10, scores) # Count function called here
Python Count Function

2.9 Time To Share Your Code

Task: “In the previous challenge you created a function to count the number of occurrences of a number in a list. Then you extended your program to count strings or letters, or used it to find the number of scores in a range.

My solution:

import random
def list_item_counter(item_to_count,list_to_use):
occurrences= 0
for item in list_to_use:
if item == item_to_count:
occurrences +=1
return (print(“{0} appeared {1} times in the list”.format(item_to_count, occurrences)))
list_to_use = “Harry Potter”
list_item_counter(“t”, list_to_use) # Count function called here


Python List Counter Modified
Python List Counter Modified
Python List Counter Modified (2)


2.11 Mean, Max and Min

Task: “Choose one of the following functions: mean (average), minimum, or maximum. Think of a real-world scenario where you need to work with data and find the average, minimum or maximum of a list of values. This could be using data that you work with in school, or for a hobby or other interest”.

I decided to use Python’s built in “min” and “max” functions and then created a function to look for an average wage. There are few different types of averages (see I looked a fictional wages to see the minimum, maximum and average wage.

Python Min, Max and an Average function
wage = [500,550,500,525,800,650,600,575,650]
min_wage = min(wage)
max_wage = max(wage)
def average(list):
items_count = 0
total = 0
for item inlist:
items_count = items_count + 1
total = total + item
avg = total / items_count
avg = int(avg)

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