Programming 102: Think Like A Computer Scientist (Python)

Programming 102: Cert

Today I finished/completed Programming 102: Think Like A Computer Scientist, which is a course created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and hosted on the FutureLearn platform (details for both below).

Programming 102: Think Like A Computer Scientist is an 8hr course split over 4 weeks (2hrs per week), although I found all 4 weeks available to tackle as I saw fit which worked out well as I like powering on through learning when I am in the zone. The official blurb for the course reads:

“This course covered Python programming at an intermediate level. It covered how to break down problems into smaller parts, and use functions with and return values. It also covered the concept of algorithms, in particular examples of sort and search algorithms.”

And the course has the following learning outcomes:

• Produce your own functions to break down problems into more manageable parts
• Apply several common search and sort algorithms to data
• Compare the efficiency of algorithms
• Modify functions to take parameters and output
return values
• Interpret algorithms expressed in plain English,
in pseudocde and as flowcharts

I’ve had fun completing the course, and although it is available for free I decided to pay (just over £30) so that I can keep access to the resources and so that I can claim my certificate of achievement.

Programming 102: Upgraded!

Whilst completing exercises I posted some of my work here on my blog:

Programming 102 “Think Like A Computer Scientist” (Python / Raspberry Pi)

Programming 102 Week 1 Challenges (Python)

Programming 102 Week 2 Tasks (Python)

Programming 102 Week 3 Tasks (Python)

Programming 102 Week 4 Tasks (Python)

Programming 102: Cert
Programming 102: Cert



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