BBC micro:bit Discovery Kit

GeekTechV2 has started to learn about electronics and circuits. To assist with this we have got the BBC micro:bit ( out and purchased a Discovery Kit ( With the two products GeekTechV2 can build circuits and program the micro:bit so that he can interact with them.

GeekTechV2 is using a micro:bit version 1 as we have had a micro:bit for sometime, if you are looking to purchase a micro:bit then you may want to consider a micro:bit version 2 which includes a built in speaker / microphone.

Descriptions for each project wrote by GeekTechV2.

BBC microbit – Lighting an LED

This works by powering the Led endlessly. The resistor stops the electricity from overloading the Led.

BBC microbit – Buzzer circuit

This works when button A is pressed it plays a middle C note, when button B is pressed it plays happy birthday and when both buttons are pressed the microbit plays a melody.

BBC microbit – Multiple LEDS

The circuit works by sending power to each Led for 500 milliseconds before sending power to the next it does this infinitely using a infinite loop in make code.