Personal Update – April 2022

It’s been a while since my last personal update (October 2021) so I think it’s about time for one.

Degree Apprenticeship

Over the autumn I completed the module around Cloud Solutions and Architectures. I’ve been a cloud user for a years now, with experience of a few cloud environments and a few different ways to build within those environments. However, I found this to be a fun and informative course which helped to re-enforce understanding / knowledge behind the reasoning. I did some posts around my notes and these can be found with a quick search of the word cloud.

The winter period brought the Cyber Security module into play. Cyber Security is another subject I enjoy, and it gave me a reason to re-read one of my favourite books. Looking at exploits, using security tools and researching security guidance kept me busy through out the early months of 2022. I summarised a few notes into blog posts during February.

The next module is around Data Analytics, so I will try to turn my notes into blog posts as I learn. The required reading includes material on Python (always a positive) and Microsoft’s Power BI. I’m hoping to learn how to present data / tell stories with data in ways that are more impressive than simple bar charts / pie charts (not that they don’t have their place).

I’ve been adding to my web application skills by learning more around Flask (Python) and Jinja2 (templating) from the very excellent book “Flask Web Development” by Miguel Grinberg (O’Reilly books). I’m hoping in the coming months to tie together some of my learning from Cyber Security and Web Applications together with a web based security tool, as a bit of a personal project.