Installing Ansible (Raspberry Pi)

Raspberry Pi Installing Ansible

My professional day-to-day role sees me administrating Windows OS based systems using Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Active Directory/Group Policy. Knowing what tools are available to manage so many Windows systems at once I'm looking for something similar to manage several Raspberry Pi (Linux) systems at once. Previously I have looked at network … Continue reading Installing Ansible (Raspberry Pi)

Installing IntelliJ IDE On Raspberry Pi (Java / Raspberry Pi)

IntelliJ IDEA splash screen

With my adventures looking at Java I have also been using a different IDE (Integrated Development Environment) called IntelliJ on my Macbook. However I also want to look at using Java on my Raspberry Pi. The Raspbian OS (Stretch) comes with a Java IDE called BlueJ, which is designed around Java and supporting beginners to Java. … Continue reading Installing IntelliJ IDE On Raspberry Pi (Java / Raspberry Pi)